6 ft Top Post Sticker

Help customers quickly identify a safe distance to stand when in your store.

Customise any of our Tensabarrier® posts with a custom post top label reminding customers of keys tips to fight the spread of COVID-19.  Examples of this include:

  • Wash hands frequently, catch it bin it kill it
  • Avoid touching eyes nose mouth
  • Keep 6 feet apart from the person in front of you.

Features & Benefits

  • Clearly helps you identify a safe distance for customers to stand from each other - keeping staff and customers as safe as possible.
  • Accessibility friendly - easy to understand imagery for customers.
  • Quick and easy to stick to post to ensure customers are at the recommended distance. Easily removed when no longer required.
  • Ideal to use alongside our social distancing floor markers.

Product Specification

  • Hard-wearing vinyl sticker.
  • Available with our generic design or with your branding if required in quantity.


  • Retail outlets
  • Airports
  • Hospitality venues
  • Transport hubs
  • Leisure facilities

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